Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Eureopean style apprenticeships...

One of my blog readers, Reuben, sent this link to an NPR story about European style apprenticeships in South Carolina.

Adults and children learn best by doing real things, which shouldn't come as any great surprise, except to those who've kept sheltered within the upper echelons of business, politics and academia.

In the meantime, in Arkansas, I'm in the process of applying finish to 120 inlaid boxes for my corporate gifts order, and will start a class for homeschool kids at the Clear Spring School wood shop today. The class will run every Wednesday for 4 weeks and the plan is for toy making, though we will also cover basic tool safety and use. I have five students registered, and the idea is that of helping home school parents become more familiar with the program offered at the Clear Spring School.

Dale Dougherty, founder of Make Magazine and Maker Faires was keynote speaker at the ISACS conference this year, and our board members who  attended the conference were excited to bring back copies of Make Magazine to share with me. They were not aware that I had written for the magazine in the past.

Make, fix and create...

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