Wednesday, November 26, 2014

today in my woodshop...

I am ready to apply finish to more boxes to fill holes in my inventory due to filling orders for the Historic Arkansas and Crystal Bridges Museum stores. I have a small Christmas show next week and will need boxes.

We have Thanksgiving guests, and I've prepared lessons in woodworking for my 4 year old great niece. It will  be her first experience making her own toys, and this kind of experience can have profound effect. Memories are most strongly reinforced when activities take place in our own hands and tangible evidence learning is the outcome.

You don't need to have your PhD in psychology to understand the principles involved. But schools in general aspire to lower standards of participation in learning than what we all know works best.

The image above is the cover of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking 2015 catalog. I complimented Marc on his design and learned that the photo was taken of him and his son 21 years ago. Craftsmanship is a thing that must be encouraged, one generation to the next.

Enrollment is now open for those who have not taken classes before at Marc Adams School of Woodworking. I have 4 adult classes available there and will have 3 classes in the coming year at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Using Froebel blocks, I laid out the simple example used to illustrate the Pythagorean Theorem. You can read about the Pythagorean theorem in The Duplication of the Square in Plato's Meno (An Appendix to Glenn Rawson's translation).

In the photo above, the sum of the area of the two squares laid upon a and b equals the area of the larger square of the hypotenuse. a2 + b2 = c2 or this animation may help.

Make, fix and create...

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