Tuesday, November 25, 2014

aside from a lovely well crafted box

Aside from a lovely well crafted box, the blocks of each of Froebel's  gifts, 2-6 present the child with a sense that the universe is ordered and stable for his manipulation and unlimited exploration. A cube is discovered within a cube. The cube comes apart for imaginative play and arrangement, and then goes back, restored to its original form.

To return gift number 6 to the box, simply arrange squares as shown in yesterday's photo, stack the assembled squares on top of each other to form the cube, and then slide the box (with lid removed) over the top. Then hold the lid up to the edge of the table and  slide the box and contents off the table and onto the lid. Use the lid to hold the blocks inside as you turn it over. When right side up, the lid slides in place, and the blocks are ready to put away that their mystery may be enjoyed another day. Children can take delight in keeping their blocks neat and in their original form. Parents and teachers can take delight that when the play is over the blocks are put away.

Make, fix and please create...


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Any word on timing of the Froebel book?

  2. I'm uncertain as to the publication date. Thanks for asking.