Friday, October 17, 2014

Gift 2, screen two.

Froebel's second gift, consists of a sphere, a cube and cylinder and a storage box/stand from which they are hung so that they can be spun. The cylinder, when hung at the center spins to produce a cylinder that appears solid within the blurred outer shape. Watch this in the short video shown above.

I can hardly imagine a group of 30 or more children in a kindergarten classroom, playing with this technique. But I can imagine parents and their children or teachers with a small group of kids exploring and observing the kinds of transformation that take place when objects of various shapes are set in motion through self-activity. Would you not do this as an experiment with your own children? Double click on the video to see it in full width. The drawing above is from Edward Weibé's book The Paradise of Childhood, showing the transformation of shapes from gift number 2.

Make, fix and create...

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