Saturday, August 09, 2014


My box making readers will know my use of a flipping story stick technique for installing butt hinges. I've written about the use of this technique in most of my books, and in articles in various magazines including Fine Woodworking.

Without claiming too much, I  introduced and developed this technique for the woodworking community. So, while it is a simple thing, this technique has made box making easier for many woodworkers.

But what happens when the lid is deeper and longer than the base? Can the flipping story stick technique still be used, or must one go back to hand chiseling? Actually, the solution is much simpler than that. I use small blocks of wood to build out the length of one to match the other as shown in the photos above and below.

In the photo above, the box is upside down so that I can check that the blocks used to lengthen the body of the box to match the lid fall flush to a reference surface. In the box below I simply go by feel to see that the lid aligns with the spacer blocks on both sides and along the back.

With these spacer blocks in place, I make the story stick and use it to set up the router table to rout the recesses for butt hinges to fit.

On another subject, not completely unrelated, researchers have noted the effectiveness of iPads as sedatives for kids.

Make, fix and create...

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    Do you have a search button on your blog? I wanted to look up the story stick idea.