Tuesday, August 19, 2014

it wood be fun...

As I am moving my shop into a new smaller space on the Clear Spring School campus, I am going through things on my move and touching base with various things in the shop that I could tend to overlook under normal circumstances. I plan to sell some large tools on Craigs list rather than put them in storage where they will decline in value through disuse. I am also reviewing my library of excellent books for introducing woodworking to kids.

Michael  Bentinck-Smith's book, It Wood Be Fun, woodworking with children, is based on his 41 years (from 1966-2007) as wood working teacher for Milton Academy, Milton, Massachusetts,  Kindergarten through 6th grade. I highly recommend this book. It offers a clear understanding that in the process of making things, children are indeed making themselves. The character benefits of craftsmanship should not be ignored, and those schools that fail to offer opportunities for making beautiful and useful things have lost track of one of the most important tools for helping children to be their best.

You can read more about It Wood Be Fun, here. And yes, it is fun.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Hang on tight to that book - appears to be out of print! Used copies available on Amazon.