Thursday, August 14, 2014

special delivery...

This morning, I delivered the donations box to the local Carnegie Public Library to replace one that I had made years ago. The original was stolen during the early part of the summer, and my replacement box is a welcomed gift. I felt like an old retired guy, making a delivery of a thing carefully made for a beloved institution.

Over the years, the old box had served as an object of fascination for every small child that had stood waiting with their mothers at the check-out desk. They would try their best to break the code that would allow them to open it and see inside. So we were heartbroken that someone would steal something so special to our library. In the meantime, since the library refuses to charge fines for overdue books, the donations box always gets a lot of use during the day, as "guilty" patrons make voluntary amends.

Speaking of amends, I have a new plan in which AEP/SWEPCO can seek forgiveness for their attempt to destroy the beauty of the Ozarks by their proposed 345 kV power line through our area. The idea is simple. They purchased a 40 acre site near the Kings River to build the substation to serve as one end of the power line. They paid the absurd price of $600,000 for it. I am offering to help them get out of the pickle they've gotten themselves in, by proposing that they use that 40 acres to build a solar farm. It would help with their concerns about growth and reliability, make certain that the damned power line is never built, and give them the opportunity to become environmental stewards in our community.

Yes, I know unicorns can't fly, and pixies are not to be found behind every flower. But forgiveness only comes when sincere action follows awakening. So far they've done nearly everything they can to lose the trust of our community. Some effort to amend would be a good idea. I'm offering to help.

Make, fix and create...

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