Friday, October 25, 2013

Bauen Kleine Schränke...

Publication rights to my most recent book, Building Small Cabinets, have been sold to Holtzwerken for translation and publication in German. It may be a while before it comes out, and I don't know for certain what the title will be... perhaps "Bauen Kleine Schränke," but I'll have to wait months to learn for sure.

This is the second of my books to be printed by Holtzwerken in German. The first was Kästen & Schachteln, perfekt konstruieren und bauen.

Today I'll be traveling to Tulsa to do a gallery talk on my work and that of Steve Miller, Robyn Horn and John Horn. The talk will focus on the interpersonal connections that influence the creative lives of artists and will attempt to address the full range of intellectual tools available to us as we make beautiful, useful and meaningful things.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Doug,
    Not bad you had all the words just put the verb at the end and it'll probably close to or the same as what the title will be. Good luck