Saturday, August 10, 2013

when it rains...

This summer has been the rainiest on record for Northwest Arkansas, and it seems to just go on and on with more rain coming today. I've lived here 38 years and never seen such rain. In my own life, between getting ready for school to start, working on boxes to fill orders, working on boxes for the book, taking photos and writing, I'm up to my ears. Add the AEP/SWEPCO debacle to all this and you can see that I have my hands full.

Yesterday, the attorneys for SWEPCO pulled three routes from consideration. That comes as no surprise since the US Army Corp of Engineers had recently informed them that these three routes would not be approved by them under any reasonable circumstances. One thing about corporations is that unlike real people corporations have no sense of shame. And the folks who work for them can be paid enough that they will have no sense of shame either. They can surround themselves with predators of their own kind and believe its the rest of us who are lacking.

I was interviewed by Arkansas Business yesterday for an article that will come out a week from Monday. It is gratifying to see that the statewide press is finally becoming interested in our case. And that has only happened because the work to save our properties has been just as relentless as their efforts to take them from us.

One of the AEP/SWEPCO routes removed from consideration is the powerline that would cut through our property. I was asked by the press if we feel relieved. At this point, I am so furious with the injustice of a corporation being able to violate State Law, and force its way through the homes and properties of my friends, and innocent landowners that I feel ready to take matters all the way to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

As I explained the reporter from Arkansas Business, I am a woodworker. I understand what it is like to make mistakes. I make mistakes of some kind every day. I own up to them. I fix them. I forgive myself, and when necessary I ask the forgiveness of others. If AEP/SWEPCO were a person and not a corporation, they would come to an understanding of the hurt they are inflicting on this small community. They would be offering their apologies and seeking our forgiveness. Instead, they are pushing through with things and we will be there for their days in court. If corporations could be embarrassed by their handling of this they would be.

Again, I am thankful for woodworking. I can invest time in handling materials and feel connected with deeper things.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Doug,

    Woodworking will refocus you, bring you back to earth (or wood) so you can be better prepared to keep up the fight.