Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I am in Little Rock for the Arkansas Public Service Commission hearing on the Shipes Road to Kings River power line project in which the utility giant AEP/SWEPCO is attempting to run a massive extra-high voltage line through our beautiful community. Our attorney has spent the last two days raking SWEPCO witnesses over the proverbial coals. It seems as through they've never been exposed to actual scrutiny before the Arkansas regulatory process. So far the application has not been fun for SWEPCO. Their attorney opened his remarks as this evidentiary hearing being the beginning of their comuppance. He said,
“SWEPCO and its employees and consultants were able to endure those insults because they knew that there would come a time when the company would have the opportunity to present its case in full without fear of being shouted down or assaulted. That day has come.”
That man is nuts. We've certainly said So far, with the grilling of our attorney it is much more apparent that their corporate malfeasance is being more fully revealed.

I've been thinking of a couple books. One is "Shepherd of the Hills" which is about life in the Branson, Missouri area in the early days of pioneer settlement. A important quote from that book comes from Psalm 121:1 "I look to the hills from whence cometh my strength." Those of us here in Little Rock, (although I would rather be home in my wood shop) feel the strength of those who are at home holding thoughts for our success. This includes nearly the entire community of Eureka Springs, the hills we look to for support.

The second book is one written by my old friend Donald Harington, "A Choiring of the Trees," which is about a man wrongly convicted of murder and held in prison on death row near Little Rock. From his cell, he could hear the songs of the trees sung from his home in Northwest Arkansas. He finally escaped from prison and made his way home to the forests he loved. I will be home by Friday night or Saturday morning.

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