Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brain fried, moving forward...

Between activism to prevent the unnecessary power line expansion into Eureka Springs, and attempting to get two chapters off to the editors for the new box making book, my brain is fried. In these cases, it is good to have some mindless tasks to tackle that leave some semblance of self-esteem intact. That means applying Danish oil to boxes, sweeping up in the wood shop, and driving the tractor up and down the hill, trying to repair damage from recent torrential rain. Tractor time is always soothing for me.

It seems that when you are told something by an American corporation, like AEP/SWEPCO, you'd best not believe what they say. AEP/SWEPCO claims that they notified Missouri landowners that they are on one of the proposed routes for their 345 kV powerline expansion, but I've found a whole group of them who are spitting mad, just as we've been over the prospect of the beauty and value of our homes being destroyed in the name of corporate greed. These folks did not receive the certified letters that AEP/SWEPCO claims were sent.

This situation doesn't necessarily mean anything in this case, because AEP/SWEPCO is not required by the APSC to notify Missouri residents. But it calls attention to an environmental impact statement and application process that has been completely bollixed from day one, that should serve as an embarrassment (if corporations could feel such things) and should serve corporate American as a glaring example of what not to do next if you have any sense of integrity.

One thing I've discovered about myself that gets me in trouble. I have a strong sense of social justice. I don't like being jerked around, and I don't like seeing others jerked around either.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Having a conscience and a sense of justice is somehow inconvenient these days.