Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It seems summer is here in the Ozarks. I had my last day of woodshop for the school year and all projects are finished by the kids. Looking back it was a good year and if you've been following along you may have some high points of your own.

I have had encounters with interesting wild life wandering between the house and shop. The Green June Beetle is one. They seem to be everywhere around here. At first I suspected I was seeing the same one over and over again, but not so. There are lots of them, and they are large enough that you can't miss them.
The baby box turtle was a more unexpected and delightful surprise. He was not pleased with being picked up and photographed. Turtles can live almost as long as a person if they are allowed an undisturbed ecosystem, and to see a young one like this is promising for the future.

 My kids at school have also been showing promise. They seem undeterred in their creativity. Several have asked if I'll be around during the summer, as they would like to keep in touch with the wood shop. Instead, I'll be home working on my book or off to Marc Adams School of Woodworking for my box making classes. The first starts on Tuesday, and then after a week off, my second class will begin on June 10.

Make, fix and create...

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