Tuesday, May 21, 2013

every thing can be folded...

Researchers in folding and geometry have moved a great distance beyond the paper crane. One lesson that can be learned from those who work by hand with real materials in contrast to those who design on computers or drawings is that everything has thickness. An article, Folding Frontier is about the new science in folding materials into new forms. It is an exquisite art, at the same time as being engineering at its best. If you like origami, you will likely love what folks are doing now with new foldable materials. A claim in the article is that everything can be folded. By making cut to remove thickness on the inside of each bend even wood can be folded.  That said, one inventor has even created a folding origami based plastic kayak that fits in a carrying case.

Today in my wood shop, I am continuing work on my Chapter 5 box. School is wrapping up quickly for the year. I have some repairs and clean up to do in getting ready for ESSA woodworking classes and on Sunday I leave for Marc Adams School of Woodworking to teach box making.

Make, fix and create...

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