Wednesday, January 19, 2011

their favorite class...

This morning as I was checking with the lower primary teacher concerning today's wood shop, Lilly came up to me during recess to show me her math work. Can you imagine children working on their math at recess? It is not unusual at Clear Spring School for children to take such a strong interest in their work.

Today in the wood shop we began working on dinosaurs, and Steven and Oakley felt compelled to tell me that wood shop is their favorite class. Working with such wonderful children is a great reward, and I wish more people had the opportunity to experience it for themselves. And of course, I wish that every school was like Clear Spring School, where even teachers can have so much fun.

To begin this project, I mark out pieces of 2 x 4 7 inches long and number the cuts. The children make the set of cuts, a few pieces are discarded as scrap and the remaining parts assemble into a t-rex. The kids want to finish in one day, but the project is too challenging for that.

 Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd., a manufacturing company based in Taiwan, has agreed to purchase the Delta brand of woodworking equipment and machinery from Stanley Black & Decker and is moving its operations to South Carolina.

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