Tuesday, January 04, 2011


We are at an eco-resort called Leaves and Lizards near La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and if it were not so foggy, we could see the Arenal volcano off the back deck. We watched yesterday afternoon as the clouds lifted to partially reveal portions of the volcano. The combination of volcanic soils and the intense sun and rain of the tropics makes the vegetation lush. Life is good in Costa Rica. But people are also busy. There is a whole lot of intensive gardening going on. 

For the next couple days, I'll be busy doing tourist type things and may be inattentive to the blog. There is more than enough here to read for days in my possible absence. One word that you might enjoy while I'm focusing on my Spanish is the Swedish word Sloyd. Type it in the search block at upper left and see that the connections between hand and mind, and intelligence, skill, character and wood working are nothing new, not a new proposal, but one well tested and proved in education.

The article in the Boston Globe on the proposed return of shop class was published today. I was pleased to play a part in it by being quoted, but also by serving as a mentor and inspiration in the return of sloyd to the Eliot middle school in Boston, which we all hope may be the beginnings of an important development for Boston schools. You can read about it here:Drills and skills: Why some educators are putting a new emphasis on woodworking class

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  1. Be sure to go to Tabacon (AKA The Garden of Eden) and bring your swim trunks. You won't regret it. Also, there is an amazing zip line there called Sky Tram and Sky Trek. You don't need to book a tour, just drive there yourself.