Saturday, January 15, 2011

keep in touch

Today in the wood shop, I'll be sanding, hinging doors and doing final assembly on my cherry jelly cabinet. Then this afternoon, I'll spend time in the kitchen making pizza. A small group of friends is invited. I plan to make "tipico" Costa Rican pizza, as only I can imagine it.

In the meantime, a woman in Colorado was arrested for negligence in the death of her one year old son. She admitted she was "on Facebook playing Cafe World, checking on a friend's status and sharing videos in the living room," as her son drowned quietly in the bath tub. It calls to mind an earlier incident in South Korea in which a couple was charged in the starving death of their actual child while they were busy raising a virtual child online at an internet cafe.

We have a perverse relationship with our computer products. They have a tendency to displace engagement in reality. Let's work our way back to real things. It's easy.
Make, create, fix, nurture, tend and care.

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