Friday, August 28, 2009


If you were here years ago and stopped by Berryville on your way to Eureka Springs, hoping to find directions to the wagon trail, they'd have said while pointing "Yonder's Uricka." Same thing if you were coming up from Huntsville. These days we generally call our home town Eureka, which is Greek for "I have found it" and is the proper exclamation for the place, regardless of your choice of pronunciation.

Today as I was making inlay and wishing I had glued up just a few more starting blocks to give me a full range of my normal patterns, I made a very simple discovery... that I can rip stock for reassembly, then use two different colors of edge banding with a break between the colors at the center of the stock, thereby allowing me to create inlay to use in two different colors of wood in a single gluing operation. Now, you may ask, "How can a man make similar inlay over the course of 30 years and still have something new to discover about it?" It is like turning a corner in Eureka Springs and noticing something for the first time. The photo below shows today's Eureka moment, how to glue up inlay strips, with two different color bandings. Walnut and linden.

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