Thursday, August 13, 2009

down to the hard part

Or perhaps tedious would be more accurate. The wedges in each tenon need to be sanded flush. I first cut the wedges close to the tenon ends using a Japanese dozuki saw with very fine teeth. Then, with coarse sandpaper glued to a thin strip of wood, I sand the ends and shape them slightly and then switch to a finer grit. You will see the results in the finished tables. To make something of beauty and meaning is to act in the preservation of human culture.


Anonymous said...

Work like that can't be rushed. The tedious part is a form of meditation if you get your mind into it.


Doug Stowe said...

You rush things and you mess things up. I have a new idea for shaping the ends of the tenons that I will try later today.

Maggie said...

These look absolutely gorgeous and your patience and care will be more than evident in the finished pieces, I have no doubt (they already are!). Beautiful work!