Sunday, August 23, 2009

today in NOLA

As I mentioned, my wife and daughter and I are on our first trip to New Orleans since Katrina. In fact, the 4th anniversary of the devastation is this coming week. We took a brief tour today of the 9th ward where many lives were lost. Markings are still on many buildings telling that they were checked and whether or not bodies were found inside. And many homes and business buildings will never come back. New Orleans is currently one of the fastest growing areas in the US as residents continue to return to the city they love. But it isn't easy for many of those returning. A common sight in the 9th ward and other areas is the trailer in the drive where the residents live while restoring the interior of their homes, investing real sweat equity in the restoration of their lives. A summer in New Orleans will teach you things about sweat that you many have never known, and we have been lucky to have cooler weather than normal for our visit.

The main tourist areas were largely untouched by Katrina and I visited the gallery that used to sell my work (Idea Factory)and I found that they are ready after all this time to place another order. In past visits to New Orleans, we have spent most of our time in the French Quarter, but this time have begun to know the city more as a whole, spending time in the Garden district and eating in restaurants on Magazine St. We've also fallen in love with some of the old neighborhoods of small but beautifully crafted homes, as shown in the photo below.

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