Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This morning I finished my article about Nääs, the home of Swedish Sloyd which I visited in May of 2006. The article is scheduled go in the October issue of Woodwork Magazine. Editor John Lavine told me yesterday that I was trying to herd cats, bringing so many things together that had a tendency to wander off, and that I had more organization work to do or I would lose my readers. With John's pointers and a late night at the laptop, I got finished and the article reads much more coherently than it would had I been left to my own devices. Some people think that their words are too precious to be improved by a good editor. I am lucky to work with the best.

There is as difference between writing step-by-step how-to instruction in which every thing is exactingly linear and writing about such complex things as Sloyd in which important things were happening at various times in various countries and continents inspired by the goings on in Nääs. In any event, It is a relief to get finished and to know that what I learned in my travels will be shared with interested woodworkers in a national publication. Look for the October issue in late July.

As you can see in the photo above, I've begun assembly of my stump table shown yesterday in a practice fit. I shortened some of the parts to bring the legs in tighter to the stump as you will see in the finished piece.

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