Thursday, March 06, 2008

Richard Bazeley from down under where it is hot, dry and no snow expected has his 7th year students making pot stands. He says,"Good lesson in math, 3d visualization and communication. Not to forget, basic hand skills." We need to compare notes and I hope more will come. One thing I noticed is that it can be a challenge to go from blackboard math to stick and tape in hand, "Now how do I divide fractions?" Even a very simple thing, holding a square to the wood, on the mark you have measured, and then drawing a straight line to cut, involves complications of body and mind that you don't meet when you are sitting at a desk holding a mouse.

We have a way of disparaging the past in light of the new, thinking little of the accomplishments of hand and mind on which our civilization rests. Despite what some may think, the old ways offer great wisdom and intelligence, and we have not outlived their purpose.

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