Sunday, March 02, 2008

Suppose you take children and lock them in a room where there are toys, computers and lots of virtual games to play, but no real exposure to reality outside the walls. They are safe, they are sheltered. If something goes wrong, or one of them gets in trouble, we rush in to fix things before their inflated sense of self is put at risk. They grow up to attend universities and become rulers over the lives and circumstances of others.

And the working men and women have been tested and excluded and accepted their measured inferiority as fact, allowing those from the sheltered room to assume positions of power and prestige, controlling the destiny of the planet despite a completely distorted non-experiential view of its reality.

Welcome to the United States of America. May I introduce our President?

So maybe sarcasm isn't my strongest suit. Perhaps it is best if we engage in life as it is expressed through the creating with our own hands: Cooking, cleaning, crafting, making and making whole. Join me, please.

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