Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This morning an article about my work is in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Style section, and I want to thank Michelle Parks for the well written story. There seems to actually be very little that is stylish about what I do so perhaps with help from the Democrat-Gazette woodworking and woodworking with kids will make a comeback, and become stylish once more.

Some of it all comes down to texture and the warmth of real things. Everything we buy these days is machined or molded to perfection. There are other textures that we've forgotten. The feel of the coarsely woven. The movement of fine pigment across canvas. The squeeze of wet clay. The wooden edges that scare of slivers. But we shape our world to be least offensive to senses. It is a world on Prozac... But me? I'll take bent nails. When nails are bent, they show evidence of learning. And they show the attempt, even when failed to connect things together.

If you have been lured here by the address in the Democrat-Gazette, welcome. If you are at all interested in hands-on learning, please come back. In the meantime, if you read no further but would like a small souvenir to keep and think about, look down now at your hands. We take them for granted. Acknowledge their wisdom, and your world may never be quite the same.


  1. When I made my walk up my gravel drive this morning to get my paper imagine my surprise when I opened it an found this great article in the Demazette. I've been woodworking a short time trying to find a niche and recently discovered a great interest in box making. I dabbled then received my Fine Woodworking with your recent article in it. Your creativity inspired me to follow myself and see what my hands could do. I have to say I am very glad I did. It's been a real joy following your guidelines to create something this special from what is given us. I also intend to "teach" my grandkids there is something more out there than a keyboard or joystick.
    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your works.

    Randy Davidson
    Roland, Arkansas

  2. I too was surprised when I found the article in the DG. Thought it was a very good article on you. Through that article I found your blog. I have always enjoyed your articles in FWW and WW magazines. I also have a couple of your books, which I have enjoyed.

    Rick de Roque
    Conway, AR

  3. Doug, can you put a link to the article on your blog?

  4. Jackie, I'll try to find a link and post it later if I can. In the meantime, drop by and you can read my copy.