Friday, March 16, 2007

There are some great organizations that might further your interest in the wisdom of your own hands.

The Early American Industries Association is an organization founded in 1933 whose purpose is: "to encourage the study and better understanding of early American industries in the home, in the shop, on the farm, and on the sea; also to discover, identify, classify, preserve and exhibit obsolete tools, implements, and mechanical devices which were used in early America." As part of membership, you receive an interesting periodical called, The Chronicle which features articles written by members on early tools and processes. They also publish books on occasion, and one to get you acquainted is called Selections from the Chronicle-The Fascinating World of Early Tools, Trades and Technology

Another organization that supports the role of the hands in learning and education and adopted the Hands in Education resolution is the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. My Sloyd brother Joe Barry writes articles for their Journal.

A third organization that is involved in activities very much related to the Wisdom of the Hands and has adopted the Hands in Education Resolution is the American Association of Woodturners

A fourth organization is one of which I am currently president, The National Association of Home Workshop Writers

You may not feel inclined to join all these organizations, but all are engaged in promoting a better understanding of the essential role of our hands in both maintaining our culture and finding greater meaning in our own lives. We find strength and encouragement in numbers and through association with those working toward similar goals. Saddle up, join up, hitch yourself as part of a team.

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