Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More synopsis...This morning I mentioned that the hand led the brain in the development of man. It came first. This same pattern is played out in the life of every child...the use of the hand drives the development of the brain. If you doubt this, take a few minutes to observe a toddler at work. I mentioned that there is evidence...academic evidence, and ongoing research that describes the significance of the hands...research on gesture that indicates that the movement of the hands facilitates the movement of thought. The use of the hands facilitates the assembly of complex mental concepts and the visualization of concepts.

But the Wisdom of the Hands isn't about the current research. It is about what you can discover for yourself, by observing and taking notice of your own hands. And the purpose of the Wisdom of the Hands isn't an academic one. It isn't just to bring slight modification in your thinking, but to change your life from passive to active, from dependent on the teachings of others to direct knowledge of the world acquired through your own hands. It is about both sensing and creating, with greater consciousness, allowing the hands to shape the life in greater dimension.

The hands are such a broad and complex subject. It will take awhile to get all this down, and perhaps even longer to edit it into a concise 3 or 4 page text. When things go across an editor's desk at a major publishing house. It has to get them in the first sentence. You can see I have a lot of work to do.

More tomorrow.

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