Sunday, March 18, 2007

Free books anyone? Over the past couple years, after my first article on Educational Sloyd, I have received a number of emails from interested readers wondering how to get their hands on books about Sloyd. There have been a limited number of old books available, and once articles had been published about Sloyd, the number of volumes dried up. Lately three books have been made available by Google for free download, and these should help with the lack of general sloyd reading material for interested parties. B.B. Hoffman's Book, The Sloyd System of Woodworking is a classic, containing writings by Otto Salomon and the Eva Rohdes Model Series. Sloyd or Educational Manual Training by Everett Schwartz and Scientific Sloyd by Anna Molander are two books that I haven't seen before that I have downloaded for my library. Have Fun!

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