Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still day 3 of synopsis, and I am reminded that at times the hands are only half as smart as the feet. The Chinese saying of the day is that if you want to know your heart's desire check your feet, or more precisely, "What the heart desires, the feet proceed toward without a moment's hesitation." Sometimes the hands can hesitate for much more than a moment, and the brain alone can take an eternity.

I went for a walk and visualized the finished book as I went along through the beautiful neighborhoods of my Victorian village.

My conclusion: the Wisdom of the Hands will be two books. The first is about 278 pages in length consisting of 15-20 interrelated essays, with a 10 page center section of color photos of my work, work that has been inspirational to me, and woodworking being done by my kids at Clear Spring School. The second book is the Wisdom of the Hands Workbook, designed to make what people have learned in the main text immediately accessible and practical. The second book would be large format, full color and 160 pages of kids projects with sidebars on safety, project planning and child development.

I may have the synopsis ready to send on Friday. Feel free to comment either by the comment function on the blog or via email.

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