Friday, March 05, 2021

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I ran across an interesting website from Sweden discussing the history of educational sloyd and pointing out differences between the use of crafts in Sweden then as compared to today.  What follows is the caption for the photo in Svenske that I've used Google to translate:

Pyssla, ett helt förkastligt tidsfördriv i slöjdsalen Crafts, a completely reprehensible pastime in the handicraft hall.

Of course the grade level we're looking at it makes a difference. Aluminum foil covered drinking cups with pom poms,  beads and googley eyes might be OK for an exercise in preschool. 

On the website http://www.grundöjdhistoria I found this lovely quote from Otto Salomon: Det är barnet och icke träbiten som i slöjden skall formas. In English: It is the child and not the piece of wood that is to be shaped in the craft.

This morning I'm headed out to ESSA to video a tutorial on making boxes using a 3 or 4 corner match.

This is a great time to support the Clear Spring School through our online auction:

Make, fix and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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