Thursday, March 25, 2021

Deep work

David Katz is friend in Israel, a baker, and mentioned he was reminded of me and conversations we'd had in the past by a book he's reading, "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.

The book explores finding deeper meaning through deeper engagement and offers a series of rules for transformation of life in this age of distraction. Reading about the book reminded me of Siddhartha who after living as a forest beggar and monk explained his qualifications to a wealthy merchant as, "I can think, and I can fast." Thus describing his latent potential for the world of commerce he was about to enter. With a constant barrage of useless information, how many of us can think for ourselves and fast. We've become addicted, not just to food, but to feeling connected. Too much food we become fat. Too much attention to useless information we become fat and unresponsive and lose the meaning of our individuality. 

I was awake in the night thinking of knives and blades and getting my upper middle and high school students making knives. I have the steel for it. One of the indications of deep work is that it enters your dream life and then compels you to act.

Make, fix and create... assist others in learning lifewise

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