Saturday, January 09, 2021

Mitered finger joint(2)

The photo shows a closer view of the mitered finger joint and how it allows an inlaid edge on the perimeter of a box. The floating panel shown fitted into a box side will be shaped slightly before the box is assembled. 

I am grateful to have simple, practiced things to do that require exactitude and careful, distracting, concentration. To complete this joint requires careful measuring. And when you make a cut, wood cannot be uncut. It's real life. Like when you unleash an angry mob for the purpose of disrupting an election count, you'll have a difficult time fixing what you've broken. 

When you stand up and claim fraud, knowing full well that no fraud was committed, there's at least a chance that angry folks will break what should have never been broken. Public trust is like that. It can be cut, or miscut, but putting it back together will not be an easy thing. It will require those who lie to stop lying.

When I was a kid, there was the tale about the boy who cried wolf. He did so because he saw the effects. When he would cry wolf, people would become frightened and he liked seeing that he could have that effect. To see that he could holler something fearful and get folks stirred up, gave him a sense of his own power. The story ended badly, just as the end of the Trump presidency with all its lies upon lies is ending in disaster. Brace yourselves, please, as it's not over yet.

I'm installing a box for the teachers and parents of students at the Clear Spring School for exchanging lessons between home and school, as in person learning will not resume until the Covid-19 pandemic is under better control in our local community. The American people were lied to about that too, and the consequences are that the real wolf is upon us, uncontrolled and biting at our legs and arms.

Let's pray for the return of safety and sanity to our nation. When we hear folks spewing hateful things, we must answer bravely, simply and with courtesy to ourselves, "I'm sorry, it's not like that."

Make, fix and create... Assist others in learning likewise.

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