Friday, January 29, 2021

A honing truck

I have a new invention that came to me in my nightly dream state. It is a honing truck that is used with diamond plates to sharpen plane irons. Unlike many sharpening jigs, this one rides on wheels outboard rather than on top of the stone, allowing its user to make full use of the stone's length and width. It is also preset to the preferred angles of 25 degrees for the primary bevel and 30 degrees for the secondary.

There are many other honing guides on the market, so it will be very unlikely for me to find a market for manufacturing  for this one. But when a person gets an idea for something from their dream state, empowerment comes from acting it out in the real world. 

This was a lesson from the classic book, Black Elk Speaks. When a young person would go on a vision quest and return having witnessed in dream state, things beyond the material world, the tribe would gather in a ceremonial acting out of the dream assisting the dreamer in finding its power, which in this case is a sharpening of mind and plane irons at the same time. Plus, it was fun to make. The parts were ordered on Amazon and I have enough parts and materials to do a step-by-step article or video on the making of it.

Make, fix and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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  1. Thanks, Doug. Your new honing jig looks simple and effective. Given the rough surface of many work benches, would it be better to run the wheels on a piece of glass or polished granite?