Thursday, January 07, 2021

finger jointed boxes

Yesterday I was shocked but not surprised when the US Capitol building was assaulted by Trump terrorists. The Capitol police, being used to tourists, not terrorists were easily overrun. President Trump is clearly to blame. I was not surprised because Trump has been transparent for weeks as he proved himself willing to do anything and everything legal or illegal necessary to retain his grip on power. 

Do you remember in the debate before the election when he told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by? Yesterday was exactly what he had in his twisted mind and what he was hoping for.  I was shocked that while the president was so transparent in his plan, the police and FBI were totally unprepared. Was that on purpose? If the crowd was black many, many more of the insurrectionists would have been jailed or left dead.

Whether by impeachment or 25th Amendment or resignation, Trump should be removed from office today and spend the rest of his life sequestered in shame. He should not be alone, however. There are many others who encouraged him and egged him on. The list is long. Lindsay Graham danced around like he was wearing no pants last night as he finally admitted that Trump had lost. That it took him so long to admit the truth enabled Trump's furtherance of delusion purposely imposed on the American people.

As we face the pandemic and the destruction of our economy, we need to come together and work toward a common future. Perhaps witnessing such shameful desecration will induce some to resume working together with more serious intent. I'm grateful to have some meaningful work to do as a distraction from worry.

I'm making a couple boxes to use to demonstrate the installation of Brusso quadrant hinges for an article in Popular Woodworking Magazine. This type of hinge is challenging and I have a relatively simple router table technique for installing them that will be useful to other woodworkers. Tomorrow I have a discussion with an organization interested in building a program using woodworking as a form of therapy.

The photo shows walnut box sides, finger jointed and ready for the next step which will be to cut miters at the corners, that allow the inlay made from cherry and maple to intersect and flow around the top edge. When the boxes are assembled and the lids are cut free, the hinging operation will begin.

Make, fix and create... Assist others in learning lifewise.

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