Wednesday, May 06, 2020

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A public relations agent is working on the promotion of my new book and this is a preview of one of the press releases. You can help us to promote this book.

There will be two press releases, with one directed toward parents and educators and the other targeting woodworkers who hope to share the joy of woodworking with their kids. The one for parents reads as follows:

For Immediate Release—

The Guide To Woodworking With Kids: Craft Projects to Develop the Lifelong Skills of Young Makers Available May 26th

Doug Stowe’s how-to book for parents, grandparents, and teachers—experienced or not—to safely engage children in life-enhancing creative arts

May 6, 2020 - Eureka Springs, AR - For everyone from experienced carpenters to first-time dabblers, there are always lessons to be learned while woodworking; patience, perseverance, and grit, to name a few. Problem-solving and resourcefulness round out the rough edges of students as they progress through skills that will affect every aspect of their lives, which is why it’s so important to get started at a young age. Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced adults who don’t feel comfortable enough in a woodshop to pass along lessons and wisdom to the next generation. Enter Doug Stowe’s new instructional book, The Guide to Woodworking With Kids: Craft Projects to Develop the Lifelong Skills of Young Makers. Whether it be novice craft-minded parents and grandparents or longtime woodworking enthusiasts The Guide to Woodworking With Kids gives adults the correct tools to introduce children to the craft of woodworking and the invaluable life skills that come with it—and as the Maker Movement grows alongside the push for less screen time and more hands-on activity for children, Stowe’s book effortlessly marries the two concepts between its covers. Pre-order The Guide to Woodworking With Kids here before its May 26th release date.

The Guide to Woodworking With Kids is a culmination of craftsman Doug Stowe’s four-decade career in woodworking and nearly twenty years of working with students K-12 in his Wisdom of the Hands woodworking class at the Clear Spring School in his hometown of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In that time, Stowe has seen firsthand how children’s executive function skills thrive through woodwork with the help of equal parts instruction and encouragement. But don’t just take Stowe’s word for it; studies have proven that children engaged in a hands-on craft develop—among other key skills—confidence, problem-solving abilities, and independent thinking.

Based in part on the philosophies of Froebel’s Kindergarten and Educational Sloyd, The Guide to Woodworking with Kids illustrates the importance of doing real, hands-on activities in school and at home that enable students to think things through for themselves, be handy and resourceful, explore their own self-interests, and create useful beauty which benefits family, community, and self. However, The Guide to Woodworking With Kids isn’t only as the title implies. Adults, whether longtime craftsmen and women or new hobbyists working through this book, may also pick up some invaluable skills they may have missed along the way; an irreplaceable chance for the teacher to find themselves as the student, once again. 

Title: The Guide to Woodworking With Kids: 15 Craft Projects to Develop the Lifelong Skills of Young Makers
Publication Date: May 26, 2020
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 9781940611884
Format: Paperback

More About The Author: Doug Stowe began his woodworking career in 1976 and was reminded of the importance of hands-on learning by teaching his own daughter in the woodshop. In 2001, he launched the Wisdom of the Hands Program at the Clear Spring School to prove the value of hands-on learning in a school woodshop. He is the author of 13 other woodworking books, over 100 articles in the woodworking magazines and educational journals, and publishes a blog dedicated to promoting the value of hands-on learning. The son of a kindergarten teacher, Stowe has become a respected authority on learning for all ages. In addition to teaching at the Clear Spring School, Stowe teaches adults the fine art of woodworking at schools and clubs throughout the United States.

More About Blue Hills Press: In an era where it’s easy to take things for granted, the goal of Blue Hills Press is to help you take back the knowledge and satisfaction that comes from doing things yourself and understanding the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s controlling the food you cook and consume, better understanding the music you love, or creating and interacting with items you encounter every day, being engaged in what we do enriches our lives. 

Make, fix, create and assist others in learning lifewise.

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