Sunday, May 10, 2020

Expand the 62% club

A poll of 1000 millennial dads found that 38% did not own screwdrivers. This does not mean that they are not good at other things, but DIY outside the realm of apps and consumer technology is not their strongest suit.  The poll suggests that at least 62% do have screwdrivers in their homes.  That's a club we want to encourage and expand. If you have a screwdriver (you may need a full set of them to tackle the vast array of screw types and sizes), you can take things apart, you can fix things,  and failing that, you can learn something about how things were made. Forty six percent of millennial dads have cordless drills, 49% have step ladders and 32% have hammers.

Without screwdrivers we are helpless slaves of technology and consumption. With screwdrivers we have at least a small but fighting chance to conquer the forces that constrain us. One of those forces is ignorance. Another is complaisance. Another is the failing of our own curiosity. Are millennial dads to blame for something? All generations seem to agree that technological devices are often unfixable and too complex for most of us to work on or even comprehend. But a set of screw drivers might be a good way to launch an investigation.

Make, fix, create, and equip our children to learn lifewise.

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