Saturday, March 14, 2020

What to do...

With schools closing across the US due to the coronavirus Covid-19, some folks being asked to work at home, there being a shortage of necessary supplies and having been a near complete failure of leadership at the top of things, it appears that the US and the world are headed toward recession.

In 2008 as we were heading into our last great recession, we had a daughter in college, and a mortgage, and I wondered whether my business would survive. Remembering what folks did to survive in the great depression, I pulled lumber from my barn and began making tables which I then managed to sell. The effects were profound.

If I'm sequestered due to the Covid 19 virus and the threat of spreading this deadly disease, and if I'm able, I'll be in my shop, attempting to make beautiful and useful things to outlive my own life.

One of the hazards as we face these times is that of loneliness and depression. One direct way to deflect those feelings, even when alone, is to get busy with a creative life. Let's take whatever time we're given to learn something real, to master something we've wanted to master, to make something that we know will be of service to others. The byproduct of all that crafting will be that feelings of powerlessness in the face of adversity are put aside, and joy can be found, even when not in the company of others.

Today I have more materials preparation for my next week's class in building Viking Chests. The photo shows the hardware that students will be making themselves.

Make, fix, create, and find joy in learning lifewise

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