Monday, March 02, 2020

wash your hands...

When my mother was a young woman there were three choices for a career. My mom chose to become a teacher and an older sister Marge became a public health nurse. And so as we face a potentially catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic I need to make mention of nursing as one of the important hands-on activities essential to society and to every small community in America. We pray that the pandemic is not as severe as it threatens to become.

Warmer weather offers some hope to delay the spread of the disease, but if things proceed as they did during the flu pandemic of 1918-1920 in which between 40 to 100 million died, there will be a lull in the summer months and a dramatic reappearance of the spread of the disease when the weather turns cold.

This brings me to my point. Nursing is one of the underrated professions. In this blog I've failed in the past to make this important point. Craftsmen make. Nurses make well. We can make their job easier by washing up and wiping down. We are facing a time in which the bravery and intelligence of the nursing profession will need special recognition. Let's start now.

Make, fix, create, make well, and assist others in learning lifewise.

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    there is a nice pedagogic experiment about hand washing shown on the last picture of this blog: