Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A simple skill builder

Yesterday I planned for my elementary school students, grades 1-4 to build skills in measuring, marking and nailing. The lesson was planned as follows: First I showed a youtube video on the use of a tape measure. Even kids who think they know how one works, quickly learn that there's more to it than they knew.  "Why does the tip wiggle like that?" is a question even many adults do not know the answer to.

Then I passed out tape measures so the kids could examine what they'd seen on TV. After the kids had measured all kinds of things in the room, I passed out lengths of 2 x 4 in. lumber, asked the students to make a mark at 5 inches, and then use a square to draw a straight line across. The next challenge  was to drive in nails along the line they'd drawn.

The project was a good skill builder, as it kept the students engaged for the full period and even the youngest exhibited growth. It didn't answer the question: "What are we making today?" but that was OK and the kids were joyful in their work.

In addition to teaching this week at the Clear Spring School, I'll be spending time at ESSA to prepare for next week's adult class, making Viking style chests.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning lifewise.

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