Sunday, March 15, 2020

getting ready

I'd planned to be at ESSA today to get ready for my 5 day Viking Chest class. I have a very large table stacked with parts, all planed and ready for joints to be cut. Staves are cut for forming coopered lids, but all the parts will be put in storage for now as we make adjustments due to the coronavirus, Covid-19. My class is being postponed to a later date. Fortunately, the students come from our local area, and with luck, we'll be able to find  better, less dangerous date.

Is it too soon to be sequestered from the dangers of the disease? With no testing yet available, despite the administration's claims that millions of test kits were being sent out, we are operating in the dark, and we dare not take the risk of our students getting sick with this potentially deadly disease.

I'm also attempting to get my head around my own coronavirus response. How can I keep my Clear Spring School students engaged in learning? What tools and materials do they have in their homes? Can we supply some? Woodworking and crafts are ways to cope, and to build mental health resilience to stress.

Make, fix, create. Keep healthy in mind and body by learning lifewise.

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