Thursday, July 11, 2019

ready for day 4.

I am preparing for day four of my box making class at ESSA. At lunch today we talked about the decline in the relationship between people and the overabundance of things in their lives.

We are overwhelmed by meaningless stuff that can be acquired with little or no benefit to our communities. When we ask those we love to make things for us, we ask them thereby to grow in skill, character and intellect, and in that lies the growth of real community.

We can go online for the fake stuff. If you want the real deal, make beautiful and useful things with your own hands and share them with each other. Today in the ESSA wood shop, we'll install hinges, and apply finish to the boxes that have been assembled so far. Other boxes will be launched. Because the class is small, I've managed to work on some of my own.

I have been in a state of grief over a younger sister dying of cancer. Sue Shelden passed away yesterday afternoon. She was an art lover. She exercised her hands and mind in pottery, basketry  and more. She was the one in her household to fix things whether the task required a wrench or a Skilsaw. She would go to her local book stores and if she found one of my books, she would place it cover side out so that others would be drawn to what was inside.  It is only a very small comfort to know that we remain deeply connected to each other.

The boxes shown are some made by Jerry in my class. Each of my students has beautiful boxes in the works. This afternoon, from 4-5:30 we have studio stroll at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. This is your special invitation. Light snacks, beer and wine will be served.

Make, fix, create, and insist that others have the chance to learn likewise.


  1. My deepest sympathy during this time. We just had an Amish family help prepare our winter's wood. Their simple life and love for each other was a joy.

  2. Doug, we are with you and your family in thought and prayer as you grieve this great loss. May your sister rest in the hands of our loving God.