Saturday, July 06, 2019

lost arts?

Chris Schwarz's blog, The lost Arts Press gave a shout to this blog, in the title of his most recent post dedicated to David Esterly, author of the Lost Carving, a classic. Esterly died last month.

I received an invitation from a friend inviting me to write 5-10,000 words for a new book about what it's like to be old. I guess I've reached that milestone, having learned just a bit about standing in line at the local pharmacy.

In the meantime, I have a box making class at ESSA starting on Monday morning. There are still spaces in the class, so if you are ready to learn, show up. The details are on the ESSA website.

If you have come to the blog through a link from the Lost Arts Press, read deeply, but act. The only truly lost arts are those you've helped abandon.

We learn best when we do real things. Think for a moment about the artificiality of schooling.  You sat through years of it, as did I. I was quoted at the beginning of Matthew Crawford's book Shop Class as Soulcraft, as follows:
“In schools we create artificial learning environments for our children that they know to be contrived and undeserving of their full attention and engagement… Without the opportunity to learn through the hands, the world remains abstract, and distant, and the passions for learning will not be engaged.”
Make, fix, and create. Assist others in learning likewise.

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