Sunday, July 14, 2019

day one box guitars

Yesterday I began a two day parent/child box guitar class with grandparents, an aunt, and children ages 9-17. We covered tables with white paper so they could design and draw the boxes they wanted to make. Each started with full scale drawings the kids and adults developed in cooperation.

Each designed a box guitar that will be absolutely unique. After assembling the box sides, we added bottoms, tops and necks and began painting, with the kids making decisions on the colors of milk paint to be used.

Adults and children alike enjoy watching the creative process, and one grandparent noted that it was so much better that each was trusted from the outset to exercise creativity than for all to be expected to do the same thing.

Children are hungry to learn and conventional schooling can kill that spark. Woodworking in school is a way to keep enthusiasm up and learning alive.

Today the students will finish painting their guitars and will add tuning pegs, bridge, nut and strings.

Make, fix, create, and encourage others to learn likewise.

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