Friday, June 02, 2017

While i was at work...

Yesterday while I was at work, getting the new ESSA wood shop ready for classes, our president (of the US) decided to abandon the United State's role as a leader in the free world by removing the US from the Paris Climate Accord. Most world leaders are against the move and even the CEO of Goldman Sachs tweeted against Trump.

When it comes to the climate, I am compelled to speak out. The forests that surround my own home are molded to the climate that existed prior to the disruptive force of human induced climate change.

The acceleration of climate change affects my own trees, and the wildlife that lives here in Northwest Arkansas. We are losing songbirds. Real winter seems to have become a thing of the past. Bugs, bugs, bugs, galore are no longer killed by the deep freeze that came every winter like clockwork. 

Most people in the world are simply trying to do good things. We work as volunteers to make the world  better, all the while trying to minimize our own effects on the natural world that surrounds us. We recycle. We conserve energy. We tend plants. We attempt to conserve and protect the history of our culture, and we care deeply for each other. Others appear to care very little for the natural world that has always sustained us. Their idea seems to be that if you can build it and make money on it, who cares who pays? and who cares what the real consequences are? I am compelled to write because I do care.

The photo is a view of our lathe room at ESSA being gradually fitted out for our first classes.

Make, fix, create, and pray that others learn likewise. Woodworking is a means through which we learn about woods, trees and forests, begin to understand their value and are motivated to take a role in protecting our environment.

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