Saturday, June 10, 2017

packed and ready for MASW

I have my box making supplies packed and ready for Marc Adams School of Woodworking and I leave today. Being prepared to be away from home for a week is one thing. Being prepared to teach for six days another. At some point during the summer, I may regret being so heavily booked. In addition to classes, I have articles to write for Fine Woodworking and Woodwork magazine. The secret of course is to do but one thing at a time and transition swiftly between endeavors.

I also need to begin ordering additional tools and supplies for the new wood shop at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

As I travel today, I cannot help but be aware of the fact that our country seems to be coming unglued. We have a president who lies routinely and with ease to foreign leaders, to the press, to his family and even to himself, and his presidency seems to have fallen into complete disarray. He's being faced by public servants who hold tightly to the truth.

In the meantime, the United States has been made the laughing stock for the world, and world leaders have had to distance themselves from the erratic, egotistical fool Americans elected through the interference of a foreign power. In 2015, a Russian cyber warfare expert had told their Federal Assembly that they had a new tool to use against the US that would put our nations on a point of parity just as things had been during the height of the cold war. It appears to have worked, but only to a point. An intelligent free press is protection for Democracy.

We will get through the crisis and will be made wiser by it, and I'm reminded that when we are faced by obstacles that seem far greater than our capacity to fix, we may yet move forward by simply doing good things.

Make, fix, create and help others to live likewise.

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