Thursday, June 15, 2017

End of day 4...MASW

We have had a great week at Marc Adams School. I have 17 students, most of whom registered on the first hours of registration back in November. I would have had 18 except that one student had to withdraw at the last minute.

It is a pleasure to be so much in demand, and to be so appreciated for what I can share with others. At dinner tonight, one of my students asked about the difference between teaching kids and teaching them.

All of us learn best the same way, through play, but adults at Marc Adams School of Woodworking are more attentive than most because they've chosen to be there, and have signed up for classes due to their specific interests.

All have made a significant investment in being there, and will let little learning  go to waste. Children in school often do not have such well defined interests in what they are to be taught.

So that was the reason that in Educational Sloyd, teachers were to start with the interests of the child and build carefully from there.

Today I demonstrated how to install hinges, and how to rout large finger joints. I assisted students in problem solving and design. I also enjoyed witnessing my students' growth expressed through many well made boxes.

I have one more day of box making class and then will teach a special one day class on making Froebel's gifts, before heading back to Arkansas on Saturday evening.

Make, fix, create and guide others to love learning likewise.

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