Friday, June 30, 2017

The fifth day.

My week of box making at ESSA is nearly complete. My students have each made a number of boxes with the exception of one who is laboring to complete a box of particularly complex design and special purpose. All of my students have been assisting each other, and the level of encouragement each has for each other is high.

Today we will complete boxes. I'll do more demonstrations. I've a short list of things to share with my students, and at some time in the afternoon, we will part, journey in different directions and hope that we meet again.

There is a discussion within theoretical physics that particularly interests me. It has been theorized and tested that if two particles are introduced to each other, they can be placed at the farthest parts of the known universe, with a vast, nearly infinite distance between, and what is done to one will affect and effect the other. That defies the every day logic of humanity. We think that we are separate from each other, and alone.

Instead, we are each a part of a vast interconnected web of life. Just as an artist will look at both the shape of the object, and the space (and relationship) between objects, we have a choice of seeing ourselves as separate or connected, and it is important that we hold both views. In our very special class, we have become connected in kindness.

Make, fix, create, and assist others in learning likewise.

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