Monday, June 23, 2008

Evidently I'm making headway. While I was unable to attend the Furniture Society Conference this year, Sloyd was there, even in my absence. John Lavine, editor of Woodwork magazine attended a woodcarving presentation. When the presenter mentioned "Sloyd carving" one of the members of the audience asked, "What is this Sloyd I keep hearing about?" Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez, director of The North Bennet St. School in Boston explained what Sloyd was and mentioned the role of his school in the start of Educational Sloyd. John Lavine piped up next. He informed the audience that while North Bennet Street School played an important role in Sloyd coming to America, Educational Sloyd really began in Finland and Sweden. He informed the audience if they want to know more about Educational Sloyd, they need to read the upcoming issue of his magazine, where an article tells about my visit to Nääs. It is a great thing that Sloyd and hands-on education are being talked about in national conferences, even when I'm not around to push the subject.

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