Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This is your last day to "vote" in the experiment at right, and so far, all the respondents have noted what could be described as unusual sensations. No one has selected "no effect". It is interesting that paying attention to our hands in this way offers a form of revelation. Hands, that we use to such effect, thousands of times each day, shaping the fabric of our lives and shaping ourselves as well, can still reveal additional mystery when we take just a moment to observe their simple motions and their innermost effects.

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  1. Doug, I didn't get to vote before the poll closed, but you could add my answer to your poll. First I had visual images in my head of my movements, secondly, I felt my hand turn and open palm towards each other as I got closer to the middle. Third, I felt some movements in my muscles, first along the upper arm, I think called the biceps, then as the arms drew closer, along the forearm. Not chronologically listed, but in order of strongest sensation.