Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today, I got my grant proposal off after days of work on it and now I'm back to making a rustic chair. Shown in the photos below are three steps in attaching the walnut seat. Mark the space to be cut out to conform to the shape of the legs. This has to be done at each front corner and then at the back where the seat intersects the back legs. I use a saber saw and rasp to cut out the area to fit the leg. Next while holding the seat in place drill and countersink a hole for a wood screw. Then drive the screw in place. The hole for the screw has to be drilled first to avoid splitting the wood. The band clamp around the legs holds them tight to the seat. In the third photo, I'm trimming the leg flush with the surface of the seat. Tomorrow I'll remove the seat for final sanding and then shape and fit the back. After putting it all back together, I'll apply a Danish oil finish.

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