Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meeting all day!!!

I had a school staff meeting that lasted all day, and I'm convinced that human beings aren't intended for such things. It was a very good meeting with a great staff and it was an important meeting to plan next year, but like many of you, my mind glazes over after awhile and it is good to do something that is physically active. It was a welcomed relief to get home and go back to work on my rustic chair, even though I've kind of messed up and will have to start over in the morning. Can you understand how some students might feel abused to be in schools where they sit at desks and listen quietly to lectures ALL DAY! A friend of mine teaches history in our local public high school and he is shocked and awed at how much abuse he receives from his students, expressed as anger, sarcasm, and rudeness. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all teachers worked in an environment in which learning was loved and actively sought?

Most teachers start out with idealistic intentions, but the system itself is demoralizing. Put a few simple tools in children's hands. Knives to whittle and needles to knit, would go a long way toward peace. OK, I know you can't imagine knives in today's classrooms. But it isn't a problem with my idea, but an indication of how far society has descended in civility and respect for learning, that knives and needles would seem such a threat.

The photo above is my failed effort at weaving the back of the rustic chair with seagrass. I'll do better with a night sleep to erase meetings from my mind.

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  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Any meeting that goes over an hour does little to help get things done.