Saturday, March 09, 2019

my usual

What you see in the photo are sixty four lids for boxes that I inlaid yesterday morning. About 25 larger lids are in the works for tomorrow. This is that time that comes each year when a few box orders arrive and merchants restock. I make boxes.

Boxes have always provided something for me to do between furniture commissions, so I am grateful to be able to stay productive, even when the larger projects don't show up for awhile.

The lids will be cut to length and sanded on the insides before the boxes are assembled. If all goes well, that will begin to happen next week.

Tonight is the annual Clear Spring Fling to be held Main Stage, 67 North Main in Eureka Springs from 6-9 PM. The event offers great food and plenty of fine art for sale including the box guitar that I made for an article in Woodcraft Magazine. Join us.

Make, fix and create. Discover ways in which you can help others learn likewise.

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